October 24th, 2006
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Saturday was particularly good day for me, and not because of usual weekend japes. Oh no. After a night of drinking and no hangover (god bless real ales), me and my mum decided to head into Llandudno for a bit of shopping and a spot of lunch.

After a fairly successful trip to the amusement arcade on the promenade, I was a whopping £15 up. Being a gentle soul I treated my mum to lunch (she insisted on going Dutch later), in Fortes. “I like it here”, mum said, “the portions are huge, and well presented”. After seeing the Ploughman’s Lunch (which we dubbed “A Ploughmen’s Lunch”, because no way 1 man should eat it), we decided to play on the safe side – Mum with a mushroom omlette, myself with “Fish In A Bun” a seside alternative to “Chicken In A Bun”. I was expecting a McDonald’s style “Fillet O Fish”, though with real fish as opposed to shredded newspaper in it. I got something very different.


That my friend is a fish. The fact it dwarfs the bun knows that it comes from the sea. No newspaper shaped like that my friends. The tartare sauce was nice and chunky too. However, I did the very sensible thing – take the fish out, and had a chip butty with the fish on the side. Was rather nice.

It was there that I had one of my passionate revelations. I occasionally get these once about every 6 months, whereby I have to follow up with achieving it. They come like a flash and I have to follow them through. Half way through my fish in a bun/chip butty, I looked at my mum, and said what I say when I have my revelations.

“Mum. I need to brew some beer!”

I’ve decided I want to do as much as possible. Being at home limits certain opportunities, but brewing my own beer is one thing I’d like to do. After asking Ally for some excellent advice, I made a few purchases, and will hopefully be brewing fine ales to drink at my leisure. This purchase has – what I will discribe – as being a “Goz Purchase” (only certain people will understand that phrase), and I can see myself dragging the keg around to events for us to drink. It works out at about 40p a pint of fine ale, but I’m not starting the brewing process until I get back from holiday. Hopefully, if the readymix turns out alright, I’m going to do it from scratch. I’m still willing to take some more advice, anybody want to give me any assistance/encouragement?

Finally, I spent a portion of my weekend updating rhyswynne.co.uk, especially the front page, which includes up to date information from the forum amd the toplist, but now I think the homepage is a bit too texty. What do you people think? Would a generic picture add or detract from the site at the top? I think it wouldn’t but Han thinks it would. EDIT: It looks crap in IE6. I will fix it later tonight…

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