October 23rd, 2006
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It’s Coming: TV Cards, Xbox 360 and Smoothie Makers


I’m 22, had a few girlfriends and done things that my parents wouldn’t approve of, or indeed know about. I have a full time job, an ISA and a degree. I watch adult documentaries on cars and nazis, whilst still having a liking for cartoons. I enjoy piece and quiet, tea, and vegetables. I haven’t been refused a drink in the pub in about 3 years, and I’ve yet to be refused a credit card, or entry into an 18 movie. I have a credit card.

I am, on all accounts, not a child.

So, imagine a little bit of horror when my mum said to me “Rhys, what do you want for Christmas?”.

I’ll be honest, I have no idea what I want Santa to pull from his sack for me. Last two christmases have been great. The reason being is that my mum has only had to catered for five of us, as opposed to 25 previous years. We wake up, have breakfast, open a few presents and generally eat, drink and be merry. We head off to the pub at midday, get nicely toasted on beer, before returning for some food. We then fall asleep on the couch in front of a movie, and drink, eat and merry more until late at night. Presents, by and large, aren’t important for me. It is the day that is important.

So this got me thinking, what do I want for Christmas? I did want something – but that went out of the window this weekend (I will explain more tomorrow, or ask Ally, she knows what I bought). If money was no object, I’d get an XBox 360. We’ve got a HDTV and Router in the lounge, and mum has said she would happily accommodate it downstairs. Pro Evo 6 looks awesome on it, and it doesn’t seem as stupid as the PS3 (in that it’s under £500). However, I’m realistic. The only person who would splash out for a X360 would be me. Mum could not afford it.

I suppose i’d like a TV Card for my PC. I’d like one that can pick up freeview, the only problem would be aerial from it. I won’t have access to the main aerial, only a little portable one. Will that be good enough to pick it up, or not?

The second thing is a smoothie maker. It will balance out my other invested interest that I mentioned above. I had a banana and mango smoothie on Saturday, and it was very nice. They’re not too expensive (from from £24 on Amazon), go with my health kick I’m on at the moment, and could do me the world a good.

So, readers. It’s 62 days until Christmas. What do you want Santa to leave you?

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