One of the highlights of my job (because I’m rather good about it) is Search Engine Optimization. I SEO’d this site, the forum and my toplist site. When gets launched, I’ll probably SEO it too. It came around to bite me in the bum last night.

“So how’s your groin?”


“Sexual Karma Fairy been good to you?”

“Wait a minute… do you know about that?”

“Oh, I was search for a ringtone of Glyn off Big Brother, and your site came up first.

“Ah right. Cool.”

“So…..this is a date?”

Cruel fate, Sexual Karma Fairy, whatever. Why dost thou mock me?

Actually, that being said, I had a fabulous time. I been having a realisation that, fuck it, I’m 22 and going on a few trips and holidays soon, so I don’t really want to be tied down with a relationship. She’s cool with that. Drink did quite a bit of talking last night, but she seems understanding. Which is great. She’s asked me out for a drink on Tuesday, I said yes. Just as friends though.

3pm today is presenting a massive dilemma. Osset Albion play The Mighty Seagulls at the same time as Wales vs. Slovakia. Club vs. Country. I can either go and watch Bay play, or watch Wales play at home. After a huge wrestling match with my conscience, club won out – even after they teased “Big News” on the site (headline: “EX-PREMIERSHIP STRIKER COULD END DAV’S SEARCH” story: “Matt Le Tissier holds up a Colwyn Bay Scarf”, jeez boys – whats Brett Angell doing nowadays?). My rationale was that I think Wales would manage fine. Mark Lawrenson has tipped them for a win 2-1. Mark Lawrenson is usually very wrong though. There’ll be dancing on the streets of Colwyn Bay should both results come good though, I’ll make sure of it.

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