October 5th, 2006
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Behold my NUS card. For 3 years it gave me 10% off in Topman, Burger King, HMV and Pizza Hut, as well as discounted buses. It was ace. What made it even better it was before the NUS realised they could make money out of it and started charging for the “NUS Extra“, which basically was all the fun stuff from the original card. Nevertheless, some “Unofficial NUS Partners” (which I was told by a mate of mine that “Should shop there, they’d be harming the Student Community cause using unapproved discounts”. Bullshit) remained, one of which is Peacocks.

I love Peacocks, it’s cheap, it’s relatively plain fashion, and nobody ever wears their stuff. Most of my clothes are from there, and I’ll be damned if anybody can tell the difference. I was browsing there today for a shirt for friday, when I found it. Pale brown with “Legend” written across it, I was sold, when I noticed a sign that tempted me.

“Students get 10% Discount”

Brilliant. Even 18 months after I’ve finished university, my card is still valid. It’s great, just stick my thumb over the date, or give the old “oh, I’m on a gap year working in an orphanage, I haven’t got my new one yet”, and I usually get my discount*. So I tried the same again today.

She was having none of it.

Shit, did I feel silly.

I mean, it’s only 60p, but by god by trying to claim it, the cashier looked like I was grandmother. I even claimed “Oh, I’ve just started today in Llandrillo”, for insinuating I went to Llandrillo Technical College, I’m sure my brother will never speak to me again.

All for 60p.

In happier news, I’ve got my forum set up! I’ve been tinkering around with it, caving in to people’s requests for updates like the spineless admin that I am, and it’s beginning to show a little bit of life. However, I could use more members, as – although the current ones are fab – many discussions seem to revolve around my apparent homosexuality. I don’t like it, please help sway the tide. Join, post, and make fun of Guy. Cheers.

* Should anybody from the mighty seagulls (who lost last night. Comment of the night: “Blog about the match? Pfft. I dunno how you can put a positive spin on it!”) be reading the above statement – don’t worry. I always pay full price, and never decieve you with my expired card. HMV are faceless corporations. CBFC is my second love. I would never cheat on it!

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