October 14th, 2006
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The Dentist, Bottle Caps and rhyswynne.co.uk


People worry me, they really do.

As I told everybody on here – I was off to the dentist yesterday. Everybody who I’ve mentioned that I was having root canal work has said either “ouch” or winced. My mum did her usual fabulous job of reassuring me, saying “oh, after mine, it only hurt for a few days.”. Cheers for that. So, imagine my apprehension as the dentist plunged a needle directly into my gums. Oh, and the reassuring line whist doing it: “This is just phase one of the treatment”. Bollocks.

I got called back in 10 minutes later, my mouth numb. So begins the root canal work. Suprisingly, it was painless. I know I was smacked off my tits on anaestethic, but – whilst I gagged more times than a prostitiute – I wasn’t in any pain. Sometimes even when I am high as a kite, I still feel pain. However, this would be just like when I had the filling at christmas – fine until the anaestethic wears off, then in horrible pain. However, unlike that Nightmare Before Christmas, I would prepare with enough ibuprofen to kill an elephant, but I’m crap at swallowing. I needed some water. Cue Highland Spring with one of the most ill thought out sports caps ever on a bottle.


I mean seriously, how the hell are you supposed to open that. In the end I bypassed the device that added 20p to the price of the thing, and drank the water. But I didn’t need the ibuprofen, as I was in bearable pain. I know I mock and knock, but I really do have an awesomely good dentist. It’s criminal that he’s on the NHS, but I’m so happy he is. And he refuses to see chavs too, as they waste his time by cancelling all the time because they cannot be arsed getting out of bed.

In other news, I launched rhyswynne.co.uk today. Go check it out! It’s nowhere near finished, but I feel it’s got enough content to start promoting it. So, check it out and try and spot any glaring errors, you all know my address, but if you don’t, just leave a post on the forum, or use the contact form, to say “Rhys, this part of the site is fucked!”

Right, I’m off to Blackpool in the morning to see the lovely Sarah. Pictures will be taken, and this time, I won’t spend all my time in the arcades with Guy. Though that was an awesome day, and no mistake.

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