October 27th, 2006
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Things I Love About The Internet


Last 24 hours, the internet have produced two stories to make me chuckle. Here they are.

First – step up b3ta.com. Many people know the love I share for this amazing site. It is purile, sick, and offensive to all. By doing so, it appeals to a large proportion of the internet – who are purile, sick and offensive to all. However, they do also have a conscience – in that they cannot be bought.

Virgin Money wanted to start a Viral Ad Campaign. They contacted b3ta to say “open a weekly competition on what it would be like if you said ‘yes’ to everything, you can win X360′s!”. b3ta responded with “alright, but you must be pretty thick skinned”. Virgin said “No worries, we’re hip and cool and trendy, we can take a bit of stick.”. So the compeition went ahead, b3tans stuck by their guns and instead of producing witty insights into what the world would be like, instead posted rather crude and funny creations such as this. Virgin then responded with “TAKE IT DOWN! CEASE AND DESIST! etc.”, and the competition was pulled. Rob (the ginger guy getting weed on by Branson) put his version of events here, and it has been picked up by a few news sources already.

Second story surrounds the recently Nucleised North Korea. Deemed by some to be a terrorist threat, for our generation Kim Jong-Il is a comedic figure – especially with the likes of Team America. Step up Waxy.org, who has appeared to find online the Web portal for North Korea. Not wanting to go in there, but we can assume that this is the only website that North Koreans can look on – and not have any other websites the people can access.

So, step up Fark.com, which linked to the website. As such – the website suffered a slashdot effect, making it almost completely unusable (as you could probably tell – it’s so slow). Fark is famous for taking down sites that can’t handle it’s bandwidth. It’s a different thing taking down an entire nation’s webspace. Hey, if it starts a revolution because people can’t access email, then by god, we’ll take credit for it!

Right, not going to be here for a few days, as I’m off to Liverpool for a bit. This week has been a bit poo, and I’m feeling a bit low, hopefully I can pick myself up with a night of comedy, dominos pizza and the company of two good mates, I’ll be able to pick myself up again. Leave me nice messages on the forum guys!

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