October 2nd, 2006
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Think Unsexy Thoughts, Think Unsexy Thoughts……


I woke up this morning at the fantastically late time of 8am, after falling asleep sometime after 10. Groggy and disorientated, I stumbled my way into my dressing gown and into the bathroom to do my duties. After the loo, washing teeth and a shave, I took my dressing gown off and stood on the scales.


For the first time since forever, I’ve put weight on, meaning I’m over 13 and a half stone again.

I knew I didn’t feel brilliant, I knew that I was miserable. Well, not miserable, just unsexy. I had began to feel good about myself, and I was experiencing a confidence that I wasn’t feeling for a long time. However, a weekend of hedonistic activities. Curries, ham sandwiches and all sorts of foods went into my system. Not to mention 3 days of nights out – the curry night, friday night down at the local drinking 10.5% beer that nearly took my head off, and Saturday Night.

Boy, Saturday night.

Me and Jay went out to Llandudno. I wasn’t expecting Jay to be back from university, but meh – he was. A quick ring to yours truly, and I decided to go out. We managed to get a seat suprisingly – Llandudno is packed on a Friday night, and we put the world to rights over the course of 3 hours. We sat by the quiz machine and we assisted two ladies playing the machine, who responded with “We’re on the BHS night out, everything’s paid for, have a few drinks on us.”. Result! Again, we got drunker and drunker on real ale, and we left at around half 1 ish.

And now, I’m paying for my weekends activities. I’m over 13 and a half stone, and I feel dead ugly. My hair is a mess, and I think I smell. I’m not miserable, just feel very unsexy.

Which – all in all – is painful irony. The reason? I have a date on Friday.

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