October 19th, 2006
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Trip To Blackpool Photos


Argh! Sorry for the lack of updates, been really busy with one thing and another. Was supposed to update last night, but unfortunately (for you) I got dragged to the pub to watch Chelskum vs. Bartha, I’m still quite busy at the moment, but as a peace offering, here are some pictures from my trip to Blackpool, with humourous captions:-

Staying at the service station, we saw this coach, and it amused me greatly. Elcock! Mum said I was immature.

We arrived at blackpool 40 minutes later, and met up with Sarah shortly after midday, we then took a stroll along the North Pier (which is the quiet one), which my mum thought was a good photo opportunity.


By this time, we’d been in a few arcades, and Mum won a dog – called Winston, so – chuffed to bits, she took a few photos with it.


We then had a bit of lunch (fish ‘n’ chips!), and then we headed onto the beach for a walk.

Myself with a donkey called Lennox, Sarah was sure it was a gay Donkey.


Yes, Lennox. It was such a chavvy name. Here is Lennox with Chelsea. Bah, Donkey naming has gone downhill.

Proof we are in Blackpool by the way.

We walked along the beach, and we saw the cutest thing ever.

Everybody say “AWWWW!!”

We then went on the Central Pier, whereby I had two goes on the dodgems for the price of one!

After a cheeky half at the end of the pier, Sarah had to love us and leave us, leaving myself and Mum to cruise the Illuminations alone. Those photos, and more, are available in my Flickr Album

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