November 21st, 2006
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One thing over the last couple of weekends is that I have not stopped. Seriously, I have been so busy that I haven’t had time to reflect over my last two weeks. What with London, Children in Need and the gorgeous Han taking up so much of my life, I’ve almost become reclusive, so that when I do get time with my mates and my blog I have so much to say, but not enough time to say it. So, this weekend it was rather nice doing fuck all. In fact, it was bliss. I’ve always been quite a lazy person, so having time to actually do nothing and not feel guilty is nice.

As a result, I managed to get a few things done. Which is what I’m going to talk about here.

First off, I got a new photo for the top of the blog. One thing I gathered during my “blogging research trip to London” (oh no! It wasn’t just a holiday with meeting up with bloggers and eating pizza/hugging & kissing them, I worked on getting some Market Research!) was that both Celeste and Han said that the picture up the top right hand corner didn’t do such a hunka burning welshman lurve such as myself justice. As such, me and Han managed to get a picture of myself in picadilly circus to use on this here blog. What do you think? One thing me and Han couldn’t decide on (awww….our first falling out!) is the blue translucent layer over the picture. Do you think it adds (as I thought) or subtracts (Han’s opinion) from the quality of the blog?

Secondly, I joined “Mybloglog“, I got the link from that 92 year old blogger on Boing Boing. All I can say is it’s a bit like myspace, but for bloggers and website authors. You can join communities linked to the blog, showing the support for sites. As a result, my profile is here, and my communites are here for this blog, here for, here for the toplist and here for my forum.

Speaking of my forum, I have spent most of last night on Skype talking to Han. But whilst I was chatting away to her, I also found time to install some games on my forum! They’re rather fun and have become a bit of a bragging rights for the community, as they save the high scores. So join up to play them, if you’re bored!

Finally, tomorrow I’m off to the dentist for (hopefully) the last time in 6 months. God my teeth are fucked. I’m having to pay for it, but nevermind. Least I’m still NHS baby! Expect for me to be in sheer pain before the Ashes, which start on Thursday. It’s the only sport where I (on a technicality) support England, so expect nothing but convict bashing and cricket for the next month or so. I apologise. Profusely.

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