Motorhead once sang a song called “A Short History of a Boring Town”. He sung it about Colwyn Bay. To quote Del Amitri – “Nothing ever happens, nothing happens at all”. It’s true though. I’ve had so much trouble adjusting to life back in Colwyn Bay from London. London was all go, go, go. Colwyn Bay – if life moved any slower – it would be going backwards.

So, imagine our thrill as a town when we realise that the Children in Need concert would be in Wales. We all discussed it in the pub: we didn’t give a shit who was playing – we’d go even if the line up was Victoria Beckham, Paris Hilton and Des O’Connor. Turned out the line up was The Feeling, Jamelia, and Ronan Keating. An inoffensive line-up, as my mate said. Tickets were free. Which was good. I left work yesterday to be there early at the “Party for Pudsey” – officially the biggest thing to happen in Colwyn Bay since the Rhiw Road Riots in 1978.

It almost nearly didn’t go ahead – high winds on Wednesday meant that the stage collapsed. Luckily, the BBC spread around a bit more taxpayers money to probably the world’s most efficient builders to get the stage up and ready for Friday night. All these pictures (and more) are available on my Flickr Site

One thing that suprised us was that the lack of kids at the concert, sure there were a few – but the average age of the concert goers was late teens. At 7pm, during The Pippettes set, they went live on BBC, so we all had to watch the big screen as McFly performed, even the Pippetes, which looked rather surreal.


After The Pippettes left the stage, I manage to get a little bit forward, and The Feeling came on. They were the only band on the list I would’ve paid to see, they are brilliant. So I was bouncing away when they performed three of their songs: “Fill My Little World”, “Never Be Lonely” and “I Love it When You Call (But You Never Call at All)”. They then buggered off to do a concert in Liverpool, that’s Hardcore.


I should also mention that there were 3 big acts, 1 major act (The Alarm) – who played a good handful of songs, and other artists who appeared. These included Cherry Lee Mewis (who I apparently went to school with), Elin Fflur (from Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantisiliogogogoch), The Pippettes, Will Martin and (I think) somebody else. But we’ll concentrate on the main ones.

After a few videos from London of random pop acts I really didn’t care much about, Jamelia came on next. My first reaction was “who?!?” (all R & B types kinda blend into one for me), but then she started singing, and my reaction was “oh yeah! Her.” I actually don’t mind her stuff (considering it’s R & B).


Following Jamelia was the main singer: Ronan Keating. My mum’s favourite (and Han’s 4th favourite). The two compere guys warmed up the cold crowd with Mexican Waves before Ronan. Some of them didn’t needing warming up. Bless them, we must’ve appeared to be an insane (in a bad way) rabble in North Wales. So – thank you Jordan from Old Colwyn for being a screaming chavvy fangirl and making us look like a bunch of complete and utter retards on national television.


Yes, myself and Ronan were on National TV. If you don’t believe me, Han took a photo, and she claimed to have seen me. I doubt it though.


All in all, it was a good night. I rang my mum during “Iris” (as she did when she watched the Goo Goo Dolls), and she texted me to say it looked amazing. Considering I didn’t really like any of the bands there….it was.

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