November 22nd, 2006
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Dodgy E-mail and the Ashes


Hey everybody, just a heads up. My e-mail is well and truly fucked at the moment, taking upto 6 hours to deliver an e-mail. Han’s given me an earful on how I should use G-Mail as opposed to a POP box based e-mail, but I don’t care! I like my POP box, it’s ace.

Anyway, in light of my hormonal POP box, I’m pretty much stuck without e-mail for the time being. If you’re desperate to get in contact with me, I really do suggest the forum – I do spend an obscene amount of time on there. We’re currently undergoing a “Drive for America”, after we realised we had none of our Atlantic friends on the board. So – this thanksgiving – why not sign up? It’s rather strong community there at the moment, plus probably the best way of getting hold of me. Thanks.

Of course, you could also send me a myspace message or leave me a comment, as I check those regularly, however I’ll probably be quicker to respond on the forum. Cheers.

In other news: The Ashes begins today! Lots of Connie bashing will be carried out over the next three days. Unfortunately, it’s in Australia, so – at 10 to midnight UK time – we’re nearly beginning the days play down under. If only I was a milkman, I’d watch it. Fucking Sky, promoting the “Ashes Live” – but then not saying “ooh, it’s held in Australia, so you have to be nocturnal to watch it”. Of course I knew this, but I’m sure a lot of people, swept up by the emotion of beating the Aussies and jumped on the bandwagon, didn’t.

I’m just tired, and a little angry. I’ll shut up now. I’m getting a new hard drive tomorrow! 160Gig!

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