November 28th, 2006
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GATR Christmas 2006 Underway! Bounty Exchange and Christmas Cards


Friends, Bloggers, Countrymen. Remind me, just how bleeding old am I?

Yes, sandwiched between my CD ROM drive and a flag of the nation which is named after a fish with the biggest dick in the ocean is my 2006 Advent Calendar. I neglected one last yaer – and I lived to regret it, with a certain ex housemate of mine scoffing down Fimbles shaped chocolate last year. Made my shredded wheat most unappealing. Which leads me to this years advent calendar.

The more observant amongst you may see that it is a Celebrations Advent Calendar. The reason being is that it’s cheap, and the only one left in the shop that didn’t make me look like a peadophile walking around Colwyn Bay with it under my arm. Now, I’m sure you’re wondering “ooh, I’ll bet he list his chocolates in an order, with his least favourite at the bottom.” And you’d be right. The official GATR League Table for Chocolate in Celebrations is: -

  • Galaxy Truffle
  • Teasers
  • Snickers
  • Galaxy
  • Topic
  • Mars
  • Galaxy Caramel
  • Milky Way
  • Bounty

I fucking hate Bounty, which is where you come in. Anybody want a Bounty Exchange? All offers considered. I will mail you my Bounty on the 27th December and you mail me your replacement chocolates too. 3 Bounties won’t hurt the impending new year diet!

In other news, I’m reprising a tradition I did a few years ago – the annual GATR Christmas Card list! It’s simple – email me with your address and I will send you a christmas card. I would like one back, so I will reply with my address, so you can send one. Do so and you’ll feature on my “wall of fame”, and be loved forever. I may even put you into my Big Red Book.

Of course, obvious people (such as Han, Guy, Sibley and Sarah) will get one. Tom (if you read this) I’d send you one, but I don’t know which country on this god forsaken planet you’ll be. So let me know!

28 Days to go!

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