November 4th, 2006
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London Calling


This is going to be my last entry for a little while, and it’s not for sinister reasons.

On Wednesday I start my first holiday in two years, down to London. Yes, I still haven’t left the country, but considering all that I’ve been through in the last 12 months, I think getting away – even for 4 days – is still a horrendous achievement. What’s nice is that by going now – not only is it cheap – but it’s also slap bang in the middle of so many good exhibitions in London. There’s the Game On exhibition, a fantastic exhibition in the Tate Modern consisting of nothing but Giant Slides, and the Christmas Lights are being switched on too! I’m meeting Han (who I’m going to the Game On with) and Celeste from blogging, plus also meeting up with Guy as well at one point.

However, there is one problem.

You see, with the exception of Han and Celeste (the former on Saturday, the latter after work on Thursday), I’m pretty much on my own, with no definitive plans. With Guy it’s a case of “whenever you’re free, I’m seeing you”, but he has a job too. So, I can imagine for large parts of Thursday and Friday I’ll be with myself, twiddling my thumbs, trying to find entertainment.

That’s where you come in.

What do you recommend I do in London? Even want to do something crazy and meet me? I’ve got two days to fill and fancy some sort of “alternative” experience. Sure, I’ll see Big Ben, Tower Bridge and the like, but fancy something a bit different. What do you recommend doing that’s a little different? Remember I like sports, and not a big fan of traditional art galleries and museums. Also, the cheaper the better.

Right, that’s your lot. It is my last entry for a while (until I reckon Wednesday morning, which will be a case of “wish me luck!”). I’ll still be online. Check out my forum for me posting (and post a lot of good messages yourself, it’s turning into a right goer), and I’m also playing around with my toplist, so join that too – I’ve been writing a few articles about blogging and SEO stuff, which you may find interesting. I’ve got a fantastic idea for a blog, but that can wait for when I return from me hols!

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