November 15th, 2006
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Selective Amnesia


Despite having a restless night (I was above the bar and Aussies doing bad kareoke is a horrible thing), I was suprisingly awake for somebody who had zero sleep. Probably because I was meeting Han at South Kensington.

I was almost sick with exctiement as we were going to the Game On exhibition, to play a stupid amount of video games. It was cheap, a lot of fun. I even set the highest score of the exhibition on Street Fighter 2.


Han fancied her chances against me, and – due to a mild case of amnesia. I can’t remember the outcome of the Ken vs. Chun Li match.

After about 2 hours of video games and me instigating a major beating on Mario Kart, Han and I plotted to find a Chinese that she liked off Leicester Square. We got the underground to Trafalgar and took a few photos which would’ve been amazing, if some random woman hadn’t spoilt it.


After a little bit of searching we found the Chinese (which future reference Han, it’s Lido now don’t ever forget the name of it again! Or bookmark this page!), the searching was made worse by the fact I was crippled in one leg, but the chinese made up for it.

I’m generally used to “all you can eat” chinese, but this was different. Kind of like a mini all you can eat… order a rice and a couple of dishes and share. It was all rather confusing for the country bumpkin so I followed Han’s lead. Itwas good food, great company and pretty cheap too! After a quick sit down in Leicester square we said our goodbye and headed for a night in Marlow with Guy.

Now, I’ve never been to Guy’s house, but I was made to feel welcome by his whole family, especially Toby – his gorgeous dog.

I was fed, and his mum and sister was preparing for neighbourly get together. I kinda camped out in Guy’s room with a bag of crisps, some fine Rebellion Ale, and a PS2 controller. After a few games with a 10 year old at Pro Evo (which I cannot remember the score, damn amnesia) I went to find Guy. He was speaking to a very sporting gentleman who used a phrase you don’t hear everyday : “I’m not going to the rugby, as my horse is racing tomorrow”. We said our goodbyes and headed to Marlow for a night out.

Whilst it was nice catching up with Guy, it was rather unspectacular night amongst the rather older inhabitants of Moarlow, we headed home about 1, whereby I headed to bed, to prepare for another day with Han, and the final day of my holiday.

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