November 10th, 2006
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The GATR guide to Confusing Londoners


Yes, I’m blogging on my holiday. It’s rather cool holiday, but I’ll explain more when I get back. I will share on thing you Londoners can try to confuse your fellow citysmen.

London has two free newspapers, thelondonpaper and London Lite. Both these papers are thrusted on you during the day (read Scaryduck’s perception of them….it is based on fact) and are light reads. To find out more about the papers, read Diamond Geezer’s views on the paper here. Now, this is for people who have a backpack, so it helps, and it takes two days.

First day. Do nothing – just obtain a paper from a purple fleeced impregnator. It’s not hard. I got asked three times if I wanted one whilst waiting for Celeste, by the same guy. Keep the paper, instead of littering the tube.

Second day. Take said paper out in the tube and read it. People give you funny looks – ranging from confusion, to anger, to jealousy. Seems to be a recurring theme I found in London, everybody else’s paper is more interesting than yours.

So, in that respect, I’m launching a campaign to confuse as many Londoners as possible. Send me your pictures of you achieving this feat to the usual address, entitled “I confused the shit out of a suicide bomber”.

Right, I’m off to meet Han now. Is it wrong to say that I’m horribly excited for today?

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