November 26th, 2006
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You’d Never Guess I Work In IT


In my last post I suggested that I wanted to try Ubuntu, Yesterday, I:

  • Spent 8 hours downloading the iso file associated with it.
  • Borrowed a DVD drive from work.
  • Realised the DVD drvie wasn’t a rewriter, so tried to attach Aled’s 30 gig mp3 player to my computer – to transfer the file to the computer downstairs with a CD-RW
  • Didn’t work, so found a program that splits files into “manageable chunks”. Split iso into 4 files of around 180 MB each.

  • Used a 256MB flash disk to transfer the files across.
  • Burnt the disk.
  • Inserted it into the computer.
  • Only to find out I had downloaded the Mac Distribution.

    On top of that, I fucked up my forum beyond repair, and neglected to keep any backups. Cue 3 hours restoring my forum to a usable state now from eons old backups.

    In happier news – I’m seeing Han in less than two weeks! Her mates want to meet me, as so far to them I appear to be some sort of mythical sexual creation. I can hardly wait!

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