December 26th, 2006
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Blogging On Boxing Day


Merry Boxing Day everybody! Hope santa emptied his sack at the end of his bed and left you everything you so desired. Christmas in the Wynne resident was a lot quieter than previous years, some may actually argue it was decidedly unfestive. It didn’t help with dad wrapping our presents at 10am Christmas Morning, in front of Soccer A.M., setting a new Wynne record. I even spent a huge amount of time online – ironically I spent ages reading this – though mainly speaking to Han.

I will share some of my new toys which I got online.

My main present is a smoothie maker. Yes, I do drink a lot of real fruit smoothies, (it’s all I drink in coffee shops, being caffene intolerent). This gave mum licence to get me anything smoothie related including – but not limiting to – straws, books, fruit, nuts, ice cream and drinking chocolate.

I was right about my joystick shaped box! It was a Commodore 64 30-in-1 Joystick!, and it’s brill! Best games so far are Paradroid (which I loved anyway), Tower Toppler and Pitstop 2. Though the old addage of “They don’t make games like they used to” is especially true, Cyberdyne Warrior is especially hard!

Han also got me two wonderful presents. The first is an Atari Paddle Game similar to this, which is annoyingly addictive. I played Pong for half an hour when I should’ve been in the pub. It’s that addictive. Her 2nd present was a Nintendo alarm clock shipped in from Japan. All the instructions are in japanese, so I can’t figure out a few things

Rick took the biscuit with the most “unexpected (yet coolest)” present, which consisted of a Firefox t-shirt. Aled got me the excellent Tekken 5.

I got two other books (other than the afformented “Smoothie Book”): Blog Digest 2007 by Justin McKeating and a “How to Win at Internet Gambling”. Why mum? It’s the gift that will take from me!

As well as all this, I got some ace golf balls, and the usual beer and chocolate.

As far as the day went? It was mainly wake up, pub, lunch, sleep, Vicar of Dibley, sleep. With all speak to Han, eat nuts and play with our toys inbetween.

In other news, the forum now accepts guest posts on the introductions and guest forums. If I get spammed out of my boots, it’s going, but hopefully I can attract a bit of banter there. Go! Now!

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