December 8th, 2006
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Canterbury Tales


Tomorrow, I pack my bags and spend three days with my gorgeous blogger girl formally known as Hannah. It will be the first time I’ve seen her since London that I’ve seen her, and to see her again involves a trip through London to Canterbury. It feels odd going through London again so soon after I last went, considering it’s a decent train ride away, and my time in the nations capital is little over an hour. Still, it’d be an amazing weekend, with the highlights (for me) being tomorrow. Saturday involves looking around Canterbury at the sights/shopping, followed by a pub lunch, topped all off with a School Disco Party at Kent SU. Tilesey, I can see you seething from here!

Before I’d go, I’d like to say that this monday will be the last day that I will send out Christmas Cards, so if you want one – please email me your address. So far, only MrManuel has taken me up on this offer, and I’ve got a shed load of cards to shift!

Right, I must dash, there are reports that Han is already waiting for me at Canterbury station. Have a wonderful weekend – have a look at my forum too, there is a maths geek question that is unanswered, winner gets a medal!

See you Tuesday!

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