December 4th, 2006
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Citizen Journalism at it’s Finest


On Saturday morning, I was planning to go to Llandudno to to a bit of Christmas Shopping. Mum had to dash to the post office first, so I stayed in bed whilst she went, no point getting up than any earlier on a Saturday, eh?

I was all set to go to Llandudno when mum burst through the door, windswept. “It’s chaos down there, the power’s gone due to the storms we’ve had overnight!”. Cool. I grabbed my camera, and embarked on a bit of Citizen Journalism.

It was probably one of the most surreal sights I’ve seen in the Bay. Behind somebody famous being here.

All the power was down in the bay, which meant, that anywhere with traffic lights was a dangerous area.

We drove a little further, and there were more lights down, these ones were particularly dangerous, as it was where the expressway joins with the traffic.

Further on, you could see that even the street lights, that were on in the rest of the town, were off.

So….there you have it. My first attempt at citizen journalism, and probably the last. First of all, I’m pretty crap (as the above few paragraphs would testify) at “reporting” stuff that’s actually important, secondly I doubt I could have the balls in like going to – say – a bomb location to take photographs of people dead and dying. It’s all rather morbid.

However, Golden Cock award of the day however does go to me, for saying “but the cars lights are all on!”.

I swear to god I’m beginning to get stupider.

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