December 2nd, 2006
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Dodgy Package, Dodgy Shirt, Do Dah! Do Dah!


Oh thank god!

It came in the post this morning, so either the package at the post office is my train tickets, or it is mum’s memory card. All I can say is I can sleep easier.

It’s been a distrubingly productive Saturday Morning for Wales’ favourite blogger. It’s been mental, and everything has gone well. Amazing how a Galaxy Truffle in your advent calendar can make a day seem good. I’ve even managed to have a good chuckle at the same time.

Take this example. This time next weekend I will be with the gorgeous Hannah down in Canterbury. Amongst the weekend’s festivities is her mate’s birthday on the saturday. For it, they have decided to go to the Venue (Kent Uni’s Student Union), in what will be a School Disco night. Now I have been told that if I go as Minietta, I will be left in Canterbury’s bustling Red Light District, which is a bugger – as the only “school univform” I have is a tight (lot tighter than that photo) shirt that excuentate my unnattural 42FFF Breasts which can be barely contained in my emerald 38B bra. Socks are wonderful things. I also have a disturbingly short knee length skirt.

So, I had to find man uniform. Luckily, I have a pair of grey trousers which I may or may not modify into trouser shorts (it is December mind you), but the shirt was a problem. After much pre-Han-waking-up rummaging (to be honest, the only time I ever get anything done, stupid sexy distractor), I found an old M & S shirt that fits pretty much perfectly. On closer inspection of the tabs, I found this label on it….

Genius! I know the quality of parenting has gone downhill, but surely even the shittest of Chav Mothers of 12 will know that you should NOT put Children into fires?

I worry about this country. I really, really do.

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