December 22nd, 2006
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Embarassing Moments With the Folks & Blog Awards


Ah. We’ve all been there. We sit in front of the TV watching “Nature’s Greatest Miracles”, and then. Two anmials start humping away at each other like rabbits. Usually, they are rabbits, but even so. It’s very embarrasing.

However, I’ve experienced worse tonight. I was watching the “20th Greatest Christmas Songs Ever” on Magic with my Mum and brothers, and this video came up.

YouTube Preview Image

I looked up 3 or 4 times duing the video: mainly to look at Emma Bunton at her prime. But by god! I never realiesd the subtle undertones in the video. Okay, they’re hardly subtle – the line “I wanna make love to ya baby!”, isn’t exactly playing hard to get. But those nights I spent alone with a copy of Smash Hits and this song on repeat. I just feel…..dirty. Call me naive, but I thought it was all about Marriage (the 2 surnames becoming 1: doubled barrelled, I assume), I had no idea it was about fucking! I lead a sheltered childhood!

In other news.I’m an occasional blogger on Blog about Your Blog, and they’re having a blog of the year award ceremony. Unlike the bloggies, I actually have a chance of winning. So don’t enter. Please?

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