December 1st, 2006
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James Bone: Casino Royale Review


On Monday night me and a few of my friends went to see Casino Royale, the latest in the series of Bond films. I love James Bond films, romanticising the life Bond leads, and this film continues the trend – and it is rather good. However, I wouldn’t quite go as far as “the best film ever” as some of my mates call it. I’m not going to spoil the film if you haven’t seen it (I do suggest you do, it is pretty good), but here are some notible points. Some of it is whitened out, highlight it to see the spoilers.

  • We loved the poker scenes – with one of my non poker playing mates saying “I see why you enjoy playing it, it is rather exciting”, however I only wish I was that good at calling hands as I was in the cinema. Predicted the result of every hand.
  • One scene I didn’t like was when Bond is poisoned and suffers a cardiac arrest. Having the heartbeat played over the speakers unnerved me, though I do not like heartbeats – ever since I went into hospital with heart palputations. A little bit uncomfortable watching it.
  • Another scene that made me uncomfortable (though I wasn’t alone) was the chair torture scene. Though I suspect I wasn’t alone.
  • The line “It’s amazing what you can do these days with Photoshop” made me chuckle. Yes I’m a geek.
  • It was untypical bond in that it was a lot darker than previous affairs, it was far more believable too, with Daniel Craig appearing hurt every now and again (I cannot remember the last time that a Bond was injured for the sake of injury, rather than continue the storyline). Everybody said that it was darker, but I didn’t expect it with the first scene featuring an amazing fight on a construction yard, but it did get a lot darker. Which I’m not 100% sold on. I like that perplexing gadgets in miniscule form, I like the cars that can be driven on two wheels, I like the women who can crush you with their thighs. I dunno though, we shall see with the next one.

The other thing I really didn’t like was the ending. It just sort of…well….ended. Sure, it leaves the possibility of a sequel open. But I would of prefered it if they dragged out the 2nd to last scene a bit more. I suppose they didn’t want a tragic ending. But seriously, I’d watch it, it is rather good.

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