December 28th, 2006
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Sony Ericsson K750i, Opera, and Blog Awards


Q. What has James Brown, my phone, and Liverpool’s Title Chance got in common?

A. They all died over the Christmas Period.

I was going to say “Gerald Ford”, but it was too soon. Anyway, my phone half died unspectacularly. It still works, just very temperatmental – text messages taking forever to arrive etc. My diagnostic was the battery was loose, which didn’t cause the phone to crash – but the battery was holding in the SIM. I could’ve either got a new battery, or a new phone.


Meh, I had it 2 years, and I bought it 2nd hand anyway – it’s lasted me so well, and still in an ebayable condition. It’s a Sony Ericsson K750, and it’s fucking ace. I admit, I’m still playing around with camera though – below is a picture of my ace firefox T-shirt Rick got me.

Tis a work of genius that tee. I also took a photo of the japanese instructions for my alarm that Han bought me, if anybody could give me the general jist of it, it would be much appreciated, cheers. Click here to read the instructions. EDIT: Further to the mysterious commenters request, I am most interested in this paragraph. As I said, it’s the best I can do, if somebody could give the jist to that paragraph, I’ll be eternally greatful. Cheers Oscar for decoding it for me!

The video player is pretty standard too, but I’m happy to have one. I’ve recorded a few videos – alas Mum made me delete her hilarious rendition of “Flying Without Wings” with me, Wiz-Style Guffawing in the background. All videos recorded so far have me in the background either saying “Put it on Youtube” or “Send THAT to Tim and Helen“. Catchphrases that are pathetic, unfunny and annoying. Much like any other catchphrase then.

On top of all that, the thing which I like most of all is the applications and games, they’re fucking ace! Essentials include Ridge Racer – yes, it’s only slightly worse than the arcade original, an old game called The Chaos Engine, a good athletics game and Opera Mini, which makes browsing the internet a joy on my phone – I will never be without the net again! And no, I won’t be looking at WAP porn on the way down to Cardiff.

In other news, I have been nominated for an award at “Blog About Your Blog” – click here to go to the post about it. Go here, vote me, vote fast, vote often!

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