December 23rd, 2006
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Spell Check Your Articles!


When Time announced that “We” (errr….”You”) were person of the year, I honestly thought it was a bit of a cop-out. I mean, some of us are good writers. Some of us are excellent writers, but it did seem like we haven’t given professional journalists a run for their money.

Or so I thought.

During that moment discribed in the last post with the Spice Girls, this below was the article I focussed on, in the North Wales Weekly News. All spelling mistakes are intended.

“Beer at £1 a point is on offer in the social club for this Saturday’s home game against Woodley Sports (3pm). Spectatorsa will also be given a voucher wich allow admission into the Boxing Day game at Cammell Laird for just £2″

£1 a point? I doubt even Chelsea have stooped that low….yet, sure though a few of the regulars would club together and cobble about a hundred quid to make the title race beyond doubt! That is shocking “professional” journalism. Sack the proof reader. Meh, could be worse: one of my friends think we’re playing Camel Lard on Boxing Day.

So yeah, if you fancy a few drinks on the cheap, and a quality game of football today, get your heiny down to Llanelian Road for a quality game of football. Go! Now!

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