December 18th, 2006
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Time Person Of The Year: A collection of Ace Blog Posts


Time Magazine has voted that this years person of the year is Me! Well, You. But Time told me “You are time’s person of the year.” Anyway, I digress. I think they mean that bloggers, youtubers and all sorts of user generated content genrerators are this years people of the year – so all those who don’t fit into the category (and even Tommy come Latelies – though your blog is ace by the way Tom), can ignore this post. As it’s us bloggers, myspacers and Second Lifers who shape this world.

“It’s about the many wresting power from the few and helping one another for nothing and how that will not only change the world, but also change the way the world changes.”

So, what will I do with my latest edition to my CV? Well, I suppose I could go on a long, thoughtful and intelligent rant about how we are underapreciated by the Main Stream Media, but I do enough of that on my mylot account. Instead I’m going to link to my favourite posts of the year, and how bloggers and the general Web 2.0 have wrecked havoc this year.

  • Lets start with the big gun, and my favourite Web 2.0 Story this year. North Korea’s web portal was found online in autumn. Now, this is big news, so it was put on Almost immediately, the website – and therefore an entire nation’s internet went down. We were hoping it’d spark riots in the street (lord knows I would if I couldn’t get online). It didn’t. Still, made me laugh.
  • Something else that hasn’t faired too well thanks to the internet has been Sony. Bloggers think they’re a bunch of arseholes, so if you can’t beat them, join them. Only that their blog didn’t go quite as well as planned..
  • On a personal note I posted an April Fools Gag this past April. Whilst Ally commented on it, Fern’s comment took the biscuit. I mean, I have ex girlfriends who deny ever having intimate relationships with me. For her to claim that she’s done sexy time with me (when she quite obviously hasn’t), damn that made me smile!
  • Hannah’s Blog has been excellent since November. If you’re thinking I’m saying this because she’s seeing me at the moment…’d be right.
  • Finally, Tilesey’s world cup post makes me laugh. Still does 6 months on!
  • I suppose really from 2006 I didn’t really gain a number of new blogs to read. Sure, there was Han, and Manuel. But from the top of my head that’s all there have been. Merrick made a welcome return to my feed list too. But apart from that, there hasn’t really been any new blogs out there that have grabbed me. Like wise any new consistant readers.

    However, the readers that I do have, I have got to know better. Seriously. Some of you I feel I know better than my mates. I also took the plunge and met a few of you, and I was plesantly suprised you weren’t serial killers. Celeste is as warm and as bubbly as she appears on her blog. And I really don’t need to tell you what I think about Han, who I met 24 hours later.

    So, Mr and Mrs Time People Of The Year, thank you for reading my blog, feeding this blog and commenting on this blog (this’d be a good point for you lurkers to make yourself known!). As a group of people, it’s nice to be recognised. We’re certainly more deserving than Bono – the hypocritical wankstain of a man who won it last year.

    PS. The Bloggies Are Soon

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