December 6th, 2006
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Some people scoffed at my present list, calling myself the “most favourite grandson”. What I’m about to show is conclusive evidence that I am.

First of all, a little history. There is a local Welsh paper that serves the Abergele area, where my gran lives. It is purely in Welsh, and it is a prime read for all the farmers (well, the ones who can read), largely because it’s such a small community, and they’re often in it. Recently, my gran turned 85, and this was her birthday message in the paper. Which mentions all the grandsons. In importance order.

So, relatives, you heard the paper….get to it!

To my regular readers: sorry about the poor quality of blogging recently. Been a bit miserable through one thing and another. Seems to be the case that before I do something fun, I’m usually at my lowest ebb right before doing something fun. I’m at quite a low point at the moment. Hopefully, a weekend with Han and the fact that over 100 blogs link here on technorati will put a general smile back on my face.

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