December 16th, 2006
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Want Your PC to Look Like A Mac?


As a self confessed computer geek, I’m all for technology, and the advancement of our civilization as a whole though it. However, there’s one thing I cannot stand.

Technology for the sake of technology.

More to the point, useless technology.

Now, understand I’m not having a go at things like USB Missile Launcher, they serve a purpose (to entertain by firing rockets at Bonnie). Plus they look like fun.

What I don’t like is when somebody thinks “hmmm….there’s this idea, why not stick a USB connector to the end of it, then we can fleece it to geeks?!?!” My mum is brilliant at finding this crap: she’s bought me a USB fan, and a USB keyboard cleaner in the past. However, those pale in comparison to – what I believe – the most useless advancement of technology ever.

Since last weekend – I’ve become a little bit of a macwhore. They were great, so pretty, and not as backwards as PC users would have you believe. Han has already talked in length about methods of simulating Macs on PCs, including a version of expose for windows. I on the other hand wanted desktop widgets. I found a program called DesktopX, which allows you to add widgets to your desktop. However, therein lies two problems.

First one is that widgets are cluttered when compared to the macs. Reason being is that one of Expose’s features shows and hides a collection of widgets, meaning that it doesn’t clutter the desktop.

The second thing is that some of these widgets are just horribly designed. I mean, take the calculator. It has the most useless button for a PC calculator – an off button.

I mean, why? My solar power scientific calculator doesn’t even have an off button, why should a desktop calculator need one? “Aha!” I hear you say, “I bet the ‘off’ button is a clever way of shutting down the application?”


So yeah, any suggestions to what the off button does, answers on a postcard please to the usual address. Also, I believe this is the most pointless piece of technology ever (the off button), what about you? You seen anything worse?

Oh, and to all those PC converters who want the look of the Mac…..errr……I suggest you buy a Mac.

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