January 3rd, 2007
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2007 Bloggies: My Nominations


Hey webpeeps it’s that time of year again – nomination begins for the 2007 Bloggies! I have been nominated for “Best Tagline” in the 2004 and 2005 bloggies, but didn’t get a look in in the 2006 awards. Not wanting to be pessimistic, but I doubt I’ll get nominated in 2007. Why? Because they removed the “Best Tagline” category.

A million WordPress blogs around the world sigh, as – despite the rest of the content being crap – their chance at international recognition and $20.07 has gone town the toilet (they’ve also removed prizes, making it more like the Oscars, which I think is a good idea).

Anywho, in light of this, I still nominated. And below is the nominated catagories, and the reasons for doing it.

Best Web Application For Weblogs – Note they subtley changed it from “Best Application”? Looks like TTG can’t get nominated here. Pooey.

  • WordPress – Only this year have I switched, and realised what I’ve been missing. It truly is an excellent piece of software. Blogger’s ineptness has caused me not to nominate the big B
  • Feedburner – Turns out my feed has been well and truly working through the switchover, a testiment to this excellent way of managing feeds (incidentally, you can subscribe to GATR here)

Best Aussie/NZ Blog

  • Neurofern.net – Fern is a rare breed of blog which I read daily, a mix of geekery, babies and random dirty posts (and often all three) make this a must for any pervy blogger such as myself. Hell, anybody who makes a reference to the UNF is fine by me.

Best Asian Weblog

  • Amateur Blogger – Yan is seemingly the nicest man in blogging. Seriously, it’s impossible to hate him. From the moment he shot up my toplist with his How To in 7 Seconds, I thought he was trouble because he nicked all my bandwidth. However, I then checked my forum and saw all the posts he had left, it was impossible to hate him. He was warm, friendly and sociable, which can be intimidating amongst all my friends. He may not get through all the nominating categories but, by god, if there was an warad for “the nicest man in blogging”, he’d get it.
  • Random Thoughts of A Disturbed Mind – Locksley seemingly has a camera around his neck, he can make anything about his daily life seem interesting.

Best European Weblog

  • Eruanna.net – Slight technicality this one, Han was born in Guernsey so therefore eligable for this award. Seriously, if you don’t know why I’m voting for Han here, please have a read through the past 2 months of archives.

Best UK/Irish Weblog

  • The Gospel According To Rhys – What? You’re allowed to vote for yourself!
  • Tilesey.com – Seriously funny, and an inspiration figure for all modern men, which I don’t want to be mind you. I’m happy farting amongst women, being god awful at cooking, and other traditionally manly stuff. Grrr.
  • Ducking For Apples – She gets a lot of deserved traffic, and her blog talks about life that is in a way lacking in modern society. If I was like her in a few years (minus the boobs and the ability to kill animals), I’d be happy.

Best American Weblog

  • Perfectly Flawed – Merricks blog is finally back on blogger, so I can read it without having to resort to pesky Livejournal. An excellent read of a female geek in Oregon, and one of my first ever readers many moons ago.
  • Manuel’s View – A rarity, a yank who loves football! PS3 Fanboydom aside, a nice blog with some of the worst photoshops ever (in a good way though, they still make me laugh!)
  • Sayre Smiles – A great blog, though I kinda feel bad because my php script called her a bitch. I feel guilty, and Sayre, I’m sorry!

Best Photography In A Weblog

  • Eruanna.net – I’m not saying this just because she’s my girlfriend, Han is an amazing photographer. I wish though Apricot13 was up as that had amazing photo after amazing photo.

Best Sports Weblog

  • Eric The Red – A blog about Welsh Football, that hasn’t been updated in a while. Whilst I am indifferent to the majority of the Cardiff posts, I do agree strongly about his thoughts on Welsh football, and being a football fan.
  • Who Ate All The Pies – This one covers the more affluent area of the football league tables, but is truly an excellent read, that rewards good skill, rather than opponant bashing.

Best Web Development Blog

  • Mike’s Money Making Mission – A Money Making Blog that not only generates income for the blogger but also is interesting to read for us lot too.

Best Computers/Technology Blog

Best Teen Weblog

  • Eruanna.net – The fact that Han’s only 19 makes me feel like a dirty old man.

Most Humourous Weblog

Best Writing In A Weblog

  • Diamond Geezer – Before November, I’d never been to London. However, after reading the Geezer’s blog extensively, I felt like I already knew the place.
  • Simply Me – I had the pleasure of meeting Celeste earlier this year, and, when I did, she was exactly like her blog. Now, surely that’s an example of good writing, n’est pas?

Best Group Blog

  • Punclox.co.uk – Another shout out to one of my excellent long term linkers in Punclox. If you’re ever bored, and need inspiration, there are good links and posts here.
  • Ratemyblog.co.uk – One of the few “Blog Review” sites left that is still very good, with excellent reviewers that seem happy to review. Plus, Sally from the site gave me a good review
  • Blog About Your Blog – I occassionally guest post here, but it’s well worth reading, you can find some real gems of posts here too.

Best Community Weblog

Best Designed Weblog

Weblog of the Year

So, there you have it, some of my favourite blogs. If you would like to return the favour, I suppose “Best British/Irish Weblog”, “Weblog of the Year”, “Best Kept Secret” and “Most Humourous Blog” are the ones I have any sort of chance at, though realisitically if any one of the blogs that I’ve listed above gets nominated, I’d be plesantly suprised. Roll on the awards ceremony!

To nominate, visit 2007.bloggies.com, read the instructions, and make your picks!
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