January 8th, 2007
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Bloggies Mistake, Text Link Ads and Adsense Blacklist


Ah, the bloggies. I mentioned them in the last post, and you can read my comprehensive voting patterns here. One award I suggest for next year would be “Best Spotting of Grammatical Mistakes”, as Mike would win. Notice the mistake on the main site? No? Have a look here (Click for bigger).

Yes, the awards are 2 years out of date! It doesn’t matter (the 10th is a Wednesday), and I’m not that much of a grammar nazi to email the guy to say that he’s wrong. It did take me ages to spot, even when Mike told me about it, so I only think anal individuals such as myself would both pick up on it, as well as blog about it!

In other news, I found a great website for people who use Adsense to make a bit of cash on their blogs. One thing that annoys me greatly is getting 1p for a click, it’s just so demoralising. Now, I thought it was just business, but it turns out a group of unscrupulous companies buy cheap and sell expensive on those clicks. So people click on those ads, I get a penny, through to another site, click on an ad, somebody else gets a couple of quid. So, here’s AdBlacklist. You add your site, add keywords, and then click generate for 200 dodgy websites. You paste it into Google’s Ad Filter, and pow – no more dodgy ads. Apparently, it takes about 12 hours to work (and I haven’t noticed anything hugely different yet), but it’s free, it’s got to be worth a go, and it’s quite straightforward.

Finally, another bit of good news is that I’ve had after just one week my first ad on Text Link Ads. I’d been wanting to join it for about 6 months (when I was on Blogger), but it needed PHP. However, the very day I switched to wordpress, they announced blogger support, pish. But still, earning a little bit of money is nice, and getting a client within a week is very impressive and I’m happy.with it so far. I don’t like this blog becoming a shill vehicle, full of referral links, but I genuinely recommend anybody who wants to make a bit of extra dollar out there to join. Click Here For Text Link Ads (Referral Link).

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