January 27th, 2007
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Yes, I know I wasn’t going to blog on my weekend, especially with such a large hangover as I have now (seriously, it’s death), but I feel I must comment on something.

The bloggies are out, and I must say I’m kinda disappointed with the line up. Not because I’m not there, just because it just seems all rather the same old blogs.

Sure, the UK bloggers have proven once again that we produce the best damn bloggers on the face of the earth, but I just can’t help that some of the other categories you can list the nominations before they’re announced. Best American blog, for example. It’s like Annie Lennox, who always gets nominated in the Brits. However, the Best American blog category is like five Annie Lennoxes (Lennoxi?). Nobody wants that.

Vote for whoever, as long as Problogger, Lifehacker and Arseblog are there.

Oh, and if Blogger wins “Best Blogging Application” again, I’ll riot.

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