January 14th, 2007
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Chelsea, Wigan, and why I’m Dangerous Drunk.


First of all, thanks for all the kind comments regarding the hidden post. We sat down and sorted out any tension there was between said person and myself. Out of respect for this person, the password won’t be given out to anybody else.

Onto happier matters, yesterday I made the short trip to Llanelian Road, to watch Colwyn Bay vs. Buxton. Buxton were top of the league, and The Mighty Seagulls haven’t won in 8. Was there going to be a demoloshing?

Not exactly.

In conditions that Ray Mears would find challenging, Colwyn Bay scored a goal in either half. What was impressive was our second half performance, playing against the wind, against a team that have only lost 3 times all season. I’ll probably get pneumonia in the next few days, but by god I went home happy – if quite tipsy.

One person who won’t be happy will be Mark Lawrenson, who’s 2-0 prediction of the Chelsea Wigan game was unsuprisingly wrong.

Chelsea won the game, but they hammered Wigan 4-0. Not only was he wrong, he was doubly wrong!

Finally, I felt yesterday as soon as I got in, I was ignoring Han. Well, I felt I was. Truth be told I was quite drunk, and didn’t want to embarrass myself or her. I did speak to her briefly, regarding a comment recently spandexed Tilesey left a few posts ago, regarding the nasty video on Han’s site.

Rhys says:
fucks sake
re: your video of me
“You totally sound like Chewbacca!”
hear that
you’re kissing chewbacca
you are han solo
(all those nights alone in the millenium falcon, don’t deny it never happened)

Speaking of Tilesey, I apparently sent him an email last night, giving him a bit of drunken abuse about his spandex fetish. For that, I’m truly, truly sorry.

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