Football Post Time!

Right, for the 3 of you that are left, it has been a fairly exciting week in terms of football, especially for The Mighty Seagulls. Our manager – Peter Davenport – left us to join Southport. This was actually big news on a slow day, being at 4th biggest story on the BBC site, and even a bit on Sky Sports News.

How terribly exciting! Even though there was no mention of The Mighty Seagulls on Sky Sports News, it’s like we don’t exist. Boo them!

However, after a turbulent week, the club seems relaxed and more focussed. We’ll do just fine methinks, Dav had some nice things to say about us, and we have loyal fans who produce quality videos such as this (credit to JuniorMan and his team for that video). Come on the Bay, who are playing Goole. Yes, I have trouble spelling it because it’s close to Google. I’m such a geek.

Finally, it’s another week of Lawro’s Predictions! As previously stated, he was Double Wrong with his prediction last week, so – in the impending Chelsea vs. Liverpool game, will he stick to his guns, or has a 22 year old Welshman from Colwyn Bay got to him?

Yes! He has not only predicted a Chelsea loss, but it’s also not 2-0! Some people say that bloggers have a growing influence. I feel I’ve managed to influence a 40 year veteran at the sport to change his opinion.

Now, all I need to do is write some political posts, and I will be King of the World by July.

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