January 11th, 2007
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For the Attention of Han


Happy 2 Month Anniversary Dear!

Today marks the two month anniversary where – in a dingy hostel in North London – I (to quote Guy) “Grew a set of balls” and decided to ask Han out, and she said yes. Well, that wasn’t exactly how it happens, but for the purpose of decency, that’ll be the official story.

Last night, she greeted me with her Pikmin on Skype, then discussed the possibility of going to Liverpool (she’s not, but she now is not scared “of getting raped there”, we’ve made progress people), talked some more, help Guy set up a blog (for which he nicked the template off yours truly, the cock), talked some more, had a giggle that I’m now on top of her on my toplist, then went to sleep. Not exactly a conventional way to celebrate 2 months since we met in person, but we haven’t exactly had a conventional relationship.

I know it’s hard having 80% of a relationship over Skype, but I am really happy and settled at the moment. Han is a wonderful girl, and – at the risk of making Celeste, and my mum (who doesn’t want this blog to turn into a Mills & Boon novel) vomit – I really do care scarily a lot about her. I mean, after 2 months I’m usually sick of people. Han is different and I’m not.

Happy 2 months Han, though I won’t see you until February, I will be on Skype. Though I fear we’ll be helping Guy get his head around WordPress.

In other news: My knees hurt. Bonnie slept in my bed last night, as she was scared of the storms that were battering our nation at the moment, she proceeded to find that the safest place was leaning against my knees, meaning that I was rigid all night.

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