January 16th, 2007
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GATR Fantasy 6 Nations!


It’s not just football I like, Rugby too is a proper game. And like all proper games, there is a “Fantasy” Game with it. So, like the football, I’ve set up a Fantasy 6 Nations Game.

The Six Nations Tournament is, every year in Feburary – England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France and Italy play each other in rugby. Usually Wales takes the attitude of “As long as we beat the English”, but since that glorious day in Cardiff two years ago where we won the Grand Slam, we must be outside shots at the victory.

With that in mind, and out of sheer boredom, I’ve set up a “Fantasy 6 Nations” Tournament (similar to the Fantasy Football), to find out who knows the most about rugby (probably Rick), and for a bit of fun/friendly banter.

So how do you get a team? Well, read on!

1. Visit http://metro.fantasy6nations.co.uk/, register and activate your account.

2. Choose a team name (my is horribly cruel), and pick your team. You can either test your knowledge by picking 15 players for 80.0 (which is very hard), or you can choose a lucky dip.

3. Click “Mini-Admin”, “Join League”, and enter these details

League Name: GATR 6..maybe 7, possibly 8 Nations
League Password: gospel

Note, it’s best to copy & paste the league name, as I screwed up with it. Sorry!

4. Join in with the banter on the forum.

Seeing as how the league is now almost over (fucking La Resistance again), it will be interesting to see how we do at ruggers. Good Luck!

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