January 6th, 2007
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I See Dead People


Serious post time, but does anybody else think there’s too much death around at the moment?

I’m a necrophobe, I hate death, and seeing dead things. I saw a seagull on Colwyn Bay beach dying, and had to cross the road. Even in movies A minion dies in a film and occasionally (particularly if I’m not into the movie) my first thought is “aww….think of his family!”. I do not like death.

I understand that others are not like me – others embrace death. Large sections of the world proudly display the body of fallen heroes in state for people to pay their respects. One such case was James Brown, who was displayed for the world to see and pay their respects should you wish to, in the Apollo theatre.

Another such case was the hoo haa around Saddam Hussein’s execution, and the release of unauthorised footage, which depicted his hanging. Now, I’m not going to start a discussion on whether it’s right to hang an evil man, or to film it (personally I don’t on both accounts), what I am going to talk about is this.

On my way to work, I walk passed a few shops, one – a newsagents – has the papers for all to see. One day between Christmas and New Years, on a slow news day (I believe it could’ve been the Friday), the front page of The Scum. My blood ran cold – I felt uncomfortable. Others would say he looked peaceful, and the Sun lead with a no doubt sensationalist headline. Now, I’m not having a go at James Brown personally, or his wishes to be lying in state. I just am against said image being broadcast on the front page of (unfortunately) one of the biggest papers in the UK.

Another such incident was in what is (again, unfortunately) the paper in Wynne household – The Daily Wail. Not only did they post images of Saddam hanging, they also posted a “comment” talking about the footage, and how it shouldn’t have been released. Nice going geniuses. I didn’t like those pictures, which is a first. Usually it’s things that I do and find enjoyable (drinking, having teenage girlfriends, violent video games, breathing) breathingthat the Mail wants to ban. This time, it’s something I want to censor of theirs.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that whilst people are comfortable with death, I’m not. If people want to see James Brown lying in state to pay last respects, fine. If people want to see the footage of Saddam hanging, fine. Just please, don’t put it on the front of the newspapers for all to see.

Just think of their families.

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