January 13th, 2007
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Lawro’s Predictions? Predictable


This annoyed me greatly this morning.

For the unaware, this is the latest of Lawro’s predictions, a weekly column where Lawro (Mark Lawrwnson) predicts the Premiership score and results. He varies on week to week but the last 7 Chelsea predictions he has predicted a 2-0 win for the Blues (even against Macclesfield, a team who are 90 places below Chelsea in the league). The last 7 predictions he has been wrong. Sometimes Chelsea have won, sometimes they haven’t, but the last time he got the correct result and score was 8 games ago, where ironically he predicted a 1-1 draw for Chelsea against Man United, which came to fruition.

In other news, please don’t go on Han’s blog, she’s embarrassed me by filming me undercover! Boo! Boo her!

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