January 9th, 2007
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Liverpool 3, Arsenal 6. IN PROPER FOOTBALL!


I just am gobsmacked. You don’t see 9 goals in a game of football, certainly in a scoreline like this, and certainly with two of the best teams in the country.

Liverpool 3, Arsenal 6

I was wanting Liverpool to win, but really towards half time when it was practically all over, I switched off and returned to Han. It was a weaker team put out by Liverpool, as well as Arsenal, it doesn’t bode well for Liverpool should a few key players get injured.

It truly was spectacle (for a neutral) or a farce (for Liverpool and pundits) towards the end, with Baptista scoring his first Arsenal hat-trick, then adding one more. 9 Goals in 90 minutes, that’s 1 every 10 minutes. Liverpool had a goal disallowed, Arsenal missed a penalty, it could’ve been eleven.

I doubt Liverpool fans would be too worried by the performance (as my mum said – “how many teams put 3 past Arsenal”), Benitez made a mistake playing a changed side, and I’m sure he’ll learn from it, and it is in a mickey mouse cup. On top of this, Arsenal do have a habit of thumping teams. Still, it must’ve been humiliating.

On the plus side – the result, plus my taking advantages of the majority of Americans ignorance to the worlds most beautiful game, have managed to get me my second ever greenlit article on Fark. Winner!

What’s been the worst defeat you’ve ever seen or been a part of?

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