January 5th, 2007
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Minimates, Nice Hotels and Blog Awards


Want to know what I’m upto at the moment? Well, read on.

Wednesday night I went to play pool with a few mates in a kinda “goodbye to the people who only come home for Christmas”. Was rather nice – I won two games, and I came so close to beating Sibley, which I’m mentioning here because I know he’ll read this. It was a good game, and it could’ve gone either way. We had to wait for the table for a little while, in which point I managed to raise another £10 for the Raise The Roof campaign. Result! To read more about making a donation, click here.

I promised a ranty post a few posts ago. Basically it was going to be about how the travel agency (who we booked the hotel in Cardiff with Han) has seemingly overcharged us. I’ll be honest, I was expecting them to be overly unhelpful (lord knows I was when I worked in Customer Service – I mean seriously, how many people who work in that field honest to god have a “passion for customer satisfaction”. Not for £4.50 an hour, at least), but they’ve been very helpful actually. As I said, it’s just a query, and I’ve been scarily diplomatic about it so far.

I’ve been playing around with the comment box too. Celeste and a few others have not been able to submit comments because the box is broken in IE – namely, the submit button is missing. I think now I’ve fixed it, but only having IE7 and Firefox 2 as my browsers, I’m not sure for certain. If anybody does have problems please email me.

I got through to the final of “Blog About Your Blog” Blog Of The Year Awards. I’ll be honest, I’ll doubt I win. However, I would appreciate a vote to save a humiliation not seen since The Ashes. Click Here To Vote.
I’ve installed a few new plugins! Basically, nothing you – as my regular readers – can see, but if you arrive from this site from a search engine, you get tons of ads! May as well try and make a quick buck out of passing visitors.

Finally, I know I said they were tat a few posts ago, but – like all good tat, I’ve bought some more.

Just how old am I? I don’t care, I think they look cool. You can also get some nice ones based around the Marvel Characters too, which look ace, despite what Han will tell you. So you all know what to get me for my Birthday, which is 2 months away!

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