January 19th, 2007
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My Brother, The Mathmetician & Grave Balls Out Peril


Like a few other bloggers, power yesterday evening was a little sparodic at best. I used the time sans le Interweb to text Han, talking to the family, annoying the dog and getting a little merry. The power came on at around 10, and I went back onto the internet.

Disaster! There was one casualty of the powercut – my ace mouse, which refused to work. Boo hoo. After ushering my decrepid Sony mouse out of retirement, I was ready once again to connect to the internet. With Han already in bed and Guy presumably chatting up ‘stralians. I was limited to who I wanted to speak to. I chose Rick – maths geek, Liverpool fan, and my dear brother.

This was a conversation between me and my brother. He’s a maths geek, and I did something I rarely do: outsmart him.

The names have been changed for ease of reading. My name originally was “That’s just how I like them – Milky & White!” (a quote originally from this video – may not be safe for work), Ricks was “Obvious quote of the week: ‘The problem was conceding four goals in the first half.’ – Rafael Benitez”.

Rhys: I did fall over, a lot
Rick: moron
Rhys: no grip trainers + wet leaves = arse/tit
Rick: tit/arse
Rhys: no
Rhys: arse over tit
Rhys: arse would be on top of tit
Rhys: and to think
you do maths
Rhys: and you want to be an accountant
Rhys: **hides tax return**
Rick: man, i cant believe ive just done that
Rhys: what? owned you?
Rick: im tired, my brain is dead
Rhys: :D

Some may seem it’s cruel to blog about my brother in this way. I don’t. It’s the first time since 1995 I’ve outwitted my brother in a mathematical environment. Bonus points because I was drunk.

In other news, some of you (Guy – your direction looketh) doubted the peril I was in yesterday. Well, I took a photo of the route taken by yours truly. The slidy arse marks have been washed away. But it was scary!

See? That my friends is raw, balls out, trousers down, peril!

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