January 23rd, 2007
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My Favourite Firefox Extensions & A Dilemma


Hey everybody! I’m having a dilemma at the moment regarding posting. You see, there has been something that has happened recently which I find hilarious, but it talks about something that a lot of people get in a huff over, and in these politically correct times I’m umming and ahhing posting it.

I think I’m being a big girls blouse really, but I’m not like Guy, I don’t like pissing people off with my blog. I had a close shave with the Beeb once that we won’t mention here, but legal action and making grown men cry is not part of my blog’s forte. It’s just not nice.

Whilst I’m confident that the post that I’m thinking of won’t anger people and get me placed under a fatwa (I’m pretty sure, should I decide to post it, people will say “that’s…..it?!?!?”), I’m not 100% happy with it, and will probably go under a re-edit a couple of times.

As such, today I was going to post it, but instead you’re getting a linking post, with a few links to firefox plugins, a great story told on the Mighty Seagulls site, and general…..stuff.

Right, my favourite firefox plugins (sure you all wanted to know!) are listed below. I’ve tried to avoid Adblock and Foxytunes as everybody writes about them. Likewise the weather ones because using your browser to view the weather is just damn lazy. Just the ones that I find the most useful.

  • Google Reader Notification syncs your Google Reader Account to your browser, letting you know when you have unread feeds. Seriously guys, Google Reader IS the best way to read RSS feeds, anybody who says otherwise is a liar, and this is the best way you don’t miss a damn thing.
  • Search Status is a simple way of promoting your site. Basically, it acts as an “all in one” toolbar for Google, Alexa, Yahoo and MSN. It allows easy checking of Google Pagerank for example, but also counts towards Alexa rankings. If you use Text Link Ads, this is pretty damn essential.
  • Finally, the Web Developer toolbar is bloody handy if you need to check your website for CSS disabled and different resolutions, that sort of thing. A must for anybody who runs their own site.

In other news, this was on the news last night – Doggie Beer. Now, I only mention this because Bonnie LOVES Boddingtons, and I don’t think it harms her much. I doubt I’d by Doggie beer, least of all drink it myself (because you can). It’s ridiculously expensive, but I’m sure the gullible dog lovers of the world will buy it in droves. Me and Bonnie will stick to Boddies cheers, and not because Colwyn Bay is sponsored by them.

Speaking of the Bay, one of the more politically incorrect threads on there are “Women Say The Funniest Things”. This one is a gem, and had me laughing for around 5 minutes, from “Raccy Boro”:

5 years ago, driving on the motorway, I overtook a smart shiny brand new BMW towing an equally smart shiny new caravan. My other half clocked this, pondered a moment and then said ” How can people earn so much money that they can afford such expensive things ? – that guy had a brand new ‘Y reg’ BMW…..AND a brand new ‘Y reg’ caravan”

So, what’s the dumbest thing you’ve heard your partner say? I won’t mention Han’s, largely because I’m quite proud of the fact that she is so unsaturated by crap celebrity gossip that she doesn’t even know the gender of Jude Law.

Plus I’ve made the same mistake in the past, it’s easy to do.

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