January 22nd, 2007
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My New Webcam


I’ve been thinking of the best way to tell you about my new webcam, which arrived on Saturday. I thought I’d let it do the talking, but I can’t get the microphone on it to work. So this was the best I can muster.

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YouTube Preview Image

Two things about video blogging:

  1. When I get nervous, I talk with my eyes closed and talk out of the side of my mouth
  2. That was around take 6 – which was better than I expected, though I did concentrate hard. My arm was hurting (hence the shoddy camerawork).

But yeah, it’s rather odd thing to have on a camera. What do you think?

Also, more videoposts? Less videoposts? Better hair? Speak up people!


Couple more thoughts:-

  1. A comment on the Youtube Page suggested (rather mockingly) that it’s “To stop a trojan from being installed”. Of course, it’s not entirely flawless – what if you’re speakers are off – but the best excuse for it yet.
  2. I think I may do more videoposts – it makes those pesky RSS’ers come to the site and leave a comment!
  3. God I look ill.

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