January 10th, 2007
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Net Junkie: How the Internet Has Annoyed Me Recently


I don’t like blogging about work for obvious reasons. However, at the risk of carrying out what Tilesey called ‘career suicide’, I will continue with this work related part of this post.

Yesterday, the internet went down in work.

It was down for about 4 hours, including the “Prized Lunchtime Period” where you’re allowed to go on your own sites. I’ll be honest, I felt really, really cut off. Like somebody tensed all my muscles and cooled my body down by half a degree. It was horrible, I was sat at the computer, yet couldn’t access the internet. It felt like somebody had ripped my arm off. I’d love to say I coped, but that lunchtime I did spend on Opera Mini checking my emails. Am I really so bad?

The business suffered too (being a primarily-internet business, having no internet is a bad thing), but when it came back, and by the end of the day, everybody was happy.

Anyway, when I got home, and after watching 15-to-1, I switched on my computer, went to this website, and saw this.


I mean, I had backed up the blog this moring, but the forum and the toplist databases haven’t been backed up for weeks. It’s not that I don’t want to. I just can’t be bothered. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one though.

However, after speaking with the fantastic Han (who has earned herself a plug to apricot13, go see it, it’s a lot better than average sex), who explained to me explicitly and concisely what cronjobs were, I managed to set up (I think) automatic backups of all my databases, that are emailed to me every day. I’ve yet to receive one, but there’s still time. No doubt when I get that email, I will tell you.

So, in light of my near misses, here’s a question to get your comment juices flowing. Suppose if somebody deleted your blog, everything you worked on for it, and you had to start anew. What would you do differently?
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