January 1st, 2007
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New Year, New Blog


Happy New Year Everybody!

Yes, I finally took the plunge and installed WordPress, Han is just too damn persuasive. Actually I’ve been wanting to move for a long while, and I given myself a number of excuses in which not to switch. However, when Blogger Beta came out of Beta, but then announced “Oh I’m sorry Mr. Wynne, even though you’re a long standing user of our software, we’re going to cater to all the spammers, Tommy come latelies and average users before we get to your blog”. “Okay!”, said I, “I’m staying”. I lied, I know.

Couple of things I should say though:-

  • Firstly, if anybody stops any mistakes, please please please let me know, by comments or emailing me or dropping me a comment. Particularly dead links. I think it’s pretty watertight, but I could so be wrong.
  • If you are using RSS feeds, the feedburner ones will no longer be updated (or, I think they won’t be). The new one is here.

Right, now that that’s out the way, what do you think? Have I missed any important links out? Anything that should be included, but isn’t? Please let me know, and I’ll do my best to update it.

I will first however wait until everybody’s DNS has updated before talking about stuff. I’m off to play The Sims now, as I’m shattered from my weekend in Cardiff, and getting this bloody thing to work!

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