January 2nd, 2007
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New Years Eve In Cardiff: A Photopost


On Saturday, I took a trip to Cardiff to see Han, she’s talked about it in depth here, and – there’s nothing really I can say that won’t be repeating ourselves. We did spend a lot of time in bed, but on the times we forsaked our John Lennon/Yoko Ono stylee existance, here’s some decent photos I took.

This was the Arrivals/Departures screen at Cardiff Central Station, it made me chuckle because this was the desktop once your computer recovered from the BSOD on Windows 98. Was on the phone to Han at the time. I kinda went a bit insane saying “OMG YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!!!111oneonone”, luckily, she did see the funny side of it all.

One insistance I made for my time in Cardiff was to see the Millenium Stadium. I even braved a few episodes of Casualty to make sure we could go there, we did, and I was not disappointed.

We then did some shopping. Han bought herself a bag whilst I purchased The Sims 2. I also purchased what can only be described as “Street Fighter Tat”. Not sure what came over me with that, but fuck it….I stand by my decision.

We also did the couply thing of taking pictures of ourselves in photo booths. Though we are seemingly rewarded with a big picture, alas there was no both which takes 4 photos.

The rest of our day was spent either in pubs or Sainsubries, where we bought a sizable quantity of party food and alcohol. It was very, very wet, so we thought we’d potter around the hotel room, as opposed to getting wet outside. It proved to be a sensible decision, as we could still see the fireworks from our window.

Sp, that was basically, our New Years. Nothing hugely special, but it was quite nice going to an area of the country that I’ve never been before. A couple of observations.

  • It is so nice having someone to kiss on New Years Eve, and it was certainly the best new years this Millenium
  • An annoying thing about Cardiff is the sheer abundance of people named “Rhys”. I don’t like it, purely because I’m used to being the only Rhys, so when I hear my name, I turn around, and look like a right idiot.
  • The hotel was nice. There was one major problem (which I won’t discuss here, but could become a nice ranting post soon), but that – in my eyes – isn’t the hotel’s fault. It amused me that I only ever saw one member of staff – a french lady, she was pleasant enough but I wasn’t sure whether to say “Merci”, “Diolch yn fawr” or “Thank You” when finishing a conversation with her.

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