January 7th, 2007
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Night At The Museum Review


Last night, me and a few friends went to see “Night At The Museum”, giving ourselves something to do that was a bit different from the usual pub trips we make. There was only four of us, due to work committments and general laziness. Apparently the film “Looked Ace” – I disagreed with the trailers, kinda looked in the same vein to Snakes on a Plane, but deliberately comedic.

From the get go, I had an uneasy feeling watching it, and for the first hour, I hated it. Ricky Gervais character was a more annoying version of David Brent. The son annoyed me almost to the point of tears. The weak story progressed too quickly, failing to elaborate on certain points. There were times in this film that I was almost in tears. It was truly, truly terrible. It was just Ben Stiller getting into a sticky situation with a variety of the museum’s exhibits. Sure, at times it was amusing (especially for the kids), you felt like saying “okay, this guy has a unique job, but where does he go with it?

However, the film picked up towards the end when the bad guys were revealed. The story also made a bit of sense (they explained why the exhibits came to life), and the final third was especially entertaining. Steve Coogan had all the best lines in the film – so when he was properly introduced, it was well worth it. However, the expression on his face when he does his “Wahey! I’m still alive!” heroic walk 5 minutes from the end is well worth picking up on. Plot holes and story fixes remained at the end of the film.

Overall, it made me smile, but not laugh. The first hour especially bored the tits off of me, so I got through my wine gums then. It is a kids film, so kids’d love it. However, they’re is nothing there for the older ones amongst us. Towards the end, it did make me smile. However, the first hour did leave a hugely sour taste in my mouth, and I couldn’t really enjoy the rest of the film. All in all, I wouldn’t go to see it. Kids’d love it with the special effects and the unusual behaviour of some of the characters. But there’s nothing in it for the adults (like Shrek, or Monsters Inc). Add to that pretty forgetable characters, and it’s a bit bland.

In other news, Han has promised me many things if I pimp her new site, so I am. It’s the relaunch of her photoblog, and it’s available at Apricot13.org. Vote for it in the “Best Photoblog Category” of the 2007 Bloggies, and she will love you forever.

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