January 31st, 2007
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One Month’s of WordPress


A month ago, I switched to WordPress from Blogger after they announced that I be shoved into the new “Blogger Beta”. I was not happy, so I switched. Since that glorious day on January 1st, I have joined the “Good Side” of the blogging world, and – this blog has grown more with it. Here’s why:

More Posts
Seriously guys. I’ve blogged every day in January. Even a trip to Liverpool and my current injury (status: it has been upgraded from a “illness” to an “injury”. I think I’ve just done my back in, it’s sore – and a weekend on sleeping on Hannah’s floor may not be the best course of action, but we shall see) have not stopped me. I care…..

More Comments
….as do you! In the last month, I have received 371 comments. That is easily more I’ve received in any month, ever. A large number of posts hit double figures. Maybe it’s because half the posts turn into discussions, but it never happened before, and it does now. I like it!

As well as the regular commenters, we have had some people commenting in nal and Sonja, as well people like Debbie returning. I also like the way we say “we”, implying it’s an organisation who runs this site. It’s just me, with Han as creative consultant (she realised that when I first posted this, this sentence was unfinished)
More Money
The past month has been the most profitable for my blog, with highest monthly earning from Adsense. Away from Adsense, I also earnt a bit of money from Text Link Ads too. I’ve earned over the “minimum” payment for both Google Adsense and Text Link Ads, but I’m going to wait for my payment. I am planning on writing a post in summer: “Google Paid For My Holiday”.

Less Forum Activity
The forum has been disturbingly quiet, and I don’t like it. So guys, tell your friends, join up, post, and make me feel loved!

But, apart from that, my switch to WordPress is the greatest thing I’ve done on the interweb, ever. Bar none. The only other problem is that some of my windows are messed up, but I think it’s a firefox issue (anybody know how to reset the size of unrezisable windows?).

So, dearest readers, how can you make your experience on this site even better. Well, change your links to http://www.gospelrhys.co.uk (get rid of the blog.html), as sometimes .htaccess is a little dodgy. Don’t let me explain it, just assume that occassionally you won’t get 100% Welshman.

The second thing you can do is add a favicon. My gorgeous girlfriend Han wrote an ace post on how you can get favicons on your site (and then, on my site). It’s ace, cute and pointless!

Finally, keep visiting. Come up with a sweepstakes to the first day I won’t post in 2007. Comment all you RSSers (all 45 of you!). I’ve had an ace month of blogging – almost rediscovered why I started in the first place, and it’s all down to WordPress.

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