January 4th, 2007
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Sex? Yes Please


Don’t get excited, this post is about affiliate schemes.

If this blogging lark earns me enough money to quit my job and employ people, one of the first people I will employ will be Guy, as a marketing man. Two reasons really:-

  • He enjoys it
  • He seems good at it

Take a few days ago – he messaged me to inform me that he has found an affiliate program for a well known game retailer based in the UK. The commission seemed pretty good too – around 5% and 6%. He knows my penchant of hawking wares through my blog to make a little extra moolah, so he told me about it. Bless him.

I filled in my application form, and waited for the reply. The reply was – unfortunately – a rejection.

Dejected, and slightly angry, I had a look through the details of the form I filled in. I always keep the forms until either rejection or acception (the acception ones I keep for future application process, to see how not to fuck things up).

Maybe I didn’t deserve to join the scheme anyway.

The strange thing was that it was sober at the time. Heaven only knows what I was thinking. Was it boredom? Was it a distraction? Was it a veiled attack at stupid questions on application forms (I mean, come on, position. What am I supposed to put for that?)? All I know that I wasn’t thinking on my feet – if I had been on the ball I probably would of put Missionary. A sex position and also a respected career path.

So, dear readers, how have you fucked up application forms and important documents in your past? Have you written on the “Do Not Write on this Page” in your application for your favourite poker site? Have you lied on your CV? Tell us all!

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