January 11th, 2007
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WP-Buzzer, My First WordPress Plugin


Han has been going on recently about Blogg-Buzz, a “Digg for Blogs”, as it were. It is just starting off, and Han and myself have submitted a few articles for it, it seems to be getting a little bit of traffic. I thought, as Han was fondueing herself to death tonight, that I’d write a WordPress plugin to aid the submission of articles to Blogg Buzz.

And, half an hour later, WP-Buzzer was born!

It’s a very simple plugin that integrates (visually) with the WP-Notable plugin. It adds either an image button or a text link underneath your posts, so that one click submission to Blogg-Buzz is achievable.

This setting can be changed in the Plugin-Editor.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download and extract this file: wp-buzzer.zip, the directory structure is automatically created.
  2. Upload the wp-buzzer directory (and it’s contents) to wp-content/plugins directory of your WordPress installation.
  3. Go to the Plugin Menu, and activate wp-buzzer (unless you have a lot of plugins beginning with x, y and z, it should be near the bottom).
  4. In the main posting loop of your code, insert the following between PHP tags:

if (function_exists(‘buzzer’)) buzzer();

The plugin should now be visible on your blog.

Of course, you do also need a Blogg-Buzz account, so register at this address.

Usage Instructions

This script is free to use. You may modify it as you wish (as I said, it was more an exercise for myself), or combine it with other systems. All I ask for is that if you do use it, a link back to this blog would be appreciated. Thanks!

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