February 5th, 2007
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A Weekend In Canterbury: Unmoral Han



Right, now we’ve got that miserable business of revenge out of the way, and that unfortunate rugby result and the fact that Richard Branson is a cunt for making the train 55 minutes late (it was really 60 minutes late, but 60 minutes means they have to give a refund) I’d like to tell you about the fabulous weekend I had.

Friday night was spent curled up watching TV with a Dominos, and the real fun began on the Saturday, where we took a trip into Canterbury, because I wanted a coat to go with my trendy manscarf, and Han wanted something that I’ve never known her want.

A Microsoft product.

I know! It’s like me becoming a Rhyl fan (which Han has just humourously pronounced as “Rile”), she must feel so dirty. Not one to stand in front of her dreams, I resigned myself to the fate that she will purchase said Microsoft product, as long as photographic evidence was taken to shame her.


A disgrace, I tell thee!

I also showed Han my culinary skills, using a recipe Guy threw together last weekend.

We also went to the Venue and a few other bars (which, thankfully, had bitters as opposed to the piss weak lager in the Venue). At which point there was a great picture taken of me and Han, which would be a inspiration to all geeks, the fact that – to quote hollywood – ‘the geek can get the girl’: A picture of me, wearing a Firefox t-shirt, and Han wearing a top which shows off her mahoosive gazongas. It’s a quality picture, but alas it’s not online.

So, as I write this, two hours from leaving to go back home. Han is currently sat next to me, making sheep noises at the TV. Both of us are crippled, and a little bit miserable. Truth be told, I really don’t want to go.

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