February 28th, 2007
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Adsense, Joost and No Boiler and Game Boy!


So, another month of WordPress down, and I am still happy with it. There have been a few teething problems recently (the update last night caused a disagreement with one of my plugins), but it seems to be okay at the moment. This month I have made less money than last month on Adsense, but ironically the last week has been the best. It was due to a new plugin – More Money. Basically, it puts ads on this blog that the people who are actually reading it can’t see. All me to show you, by comparing if you arrive here by Google, or if you arrive here by a direct link (which most of you do).


Simple, and effective. You don’t see my crap, and I get to whore myself out to various people for 50p a day. Everybody’s a winner.

joost.jpgThe other thing I tried today was Joost. Joost is a legal P2P system that distributes TV in real time streaming. What it means in Layman’s terms is that you can watch American TV before it’s shown over here (I think), for nowt. So far, there’s only programs like Fifth Gear, which you can see in the thumbnail to the right. If you click on the thumnail you get some idea of the quality of the footage. It’s not great, but it’s not bad. Streaming is a bit of a problem – I had to wait about 30 seconds before watching each section of the show – but it is looking quite fun. The reason I ask is that Joost, over time, will offer invites for it’s software. I haven’t actually got any at the moment, but the order that goes into the comment box will be the order people get them. So, if you fancy it, drop a message in the comment box.

Finally, we have no hot water in the house. Our old crappy boiler has been taken out, but the new one hasn’t yet been put in. Well, it has, but it’s not connected up. Either way, I had to boil 5 kettles to have a bath tonight. Bollocks to global warming, I was smelling rather putrid.

Also last night my poor Game Boy Advance packed up it’s hind legs and gave up on me. Woe is well and truly me :(

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